Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thanks Tony, for clearing that up.

I am beginning to like Tony Stewart more every day. With all the media coverage of his "new" team, we got to see a little behind the scenes of him. He seems to be a decent guy. I know he has had his moments, but as a Kyle Busch fan, I can forgive those. Now I will not cheer for Tony or Ryan, until Stewart/Haas starts building its own cars and motors. I despise pretty much anything HMS related. Hopefully in the next few years he can break the cord attached to Hendrick, and then I might reconsider.

So why the change of heart you ask?? Well because Smoke verified what I have been saying all along! Heres the quote from the Indianapolis Star.

Tony Stewart on his fellow owner-drivers: "If we had to start from scratch, we never would have done this. So the guys like Robby Gordon and Michael Waltrip that are true owner-drivers, those guys are a lot more impressive than what I am because I couldn't have done that." -- Indy Star

Thanks Tony, for proving my point! Even though I can't stand Robby Gordon, I can appreciate the effort that he and Mikey Waltrip have made in starting their own teams.

Tony is a great driver, and business man. I applaud his efforts in hiring the best people available to work in his program. He will be a success for years to come.

If he ever cuts ties with Hendrick, he may even have a few more fans.