Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Thoughts from Bristol!

I had planned on a Bristol incident report, to coincide with my Conspiracy blog. Well, as you fellow parents know, plans usually go right out the window when you have the kids around. I found it hard to take notes with the baby trying to crawl into the kitchen every 5 seconds.

Anyway, there wasn't much conspiring going on anyway. Except for some HMS lead swapping for points. The only real "incident" appeared to be "unHappy" Harvick getting into his teammate. I don't think that was anything more than a racing deal. Even unHappy wouldn't turn a teammate. Would he?

On with the ranting....

*Could we get any more Hypocrisy in the media. Kyle gets taken out by a rookie. Goes into the hauler, calms down and comes out sounding contrite and saying the rookie will learn, spotter this, etc. that. No venom, no name calling or anything. Yet noone mentioned anything about it other than the wreck during the Sat. broadcast. Had Kyle, cursed, called Austin stupid, or the spotter a jackass, the whole pre-race would have been filled with Kyle bashing. Yet when he does the right thing we don't hear about it till Mon. or Tues.

* Plus, how about some Bowyer bashing. He walked rather fast and angry by the media after crashing. Why is it that nobody is calling him a crybaby, whiner , spoiled brat?

* The same fans who are all barking that Mark Martin should have wrecked the 18, are the same fans that would have crucified the 18 had the the two been reversed and Kyle spun Mark.
Kyle has never had ontrack issues with Martin, and Mark is the Patron driver of the "Golden Rule"

^~~~~~ Michigan NNS flashback~~~~~
ATTN Brian Vickers- Did you noticed how Kyle ran his same line to hold off Martin, didn't crowd him down and let the 3rd place car win the race?? Thats what Kyle meant by racing stupid. Had he tried to take Mark's lane and drove defensivly (sp) He likely would have wrecked them both allowing the 3rd place car to advance. Sound Familiar??

*My prediction for the Chase- Busch and Vickers get in, Kenseth and Newman don't.

* I know I am on a Busch rant this week, but ... Whats up with all the people booing him, then grabbing for the Checkers as he tries to give the flag to the one girl in the whole place (fanwise) that was happy he won. They all hate him, but sure wanted the flag. I really hope that the little girl got the flag.

Thats all this week, hopefully the kids are calmer in two weeks for the Atlanta race.


  1. *Chairs being pushed back*

    *Multitudes of smart race fans rising as one*

    *Clapping becoming a thunderous ovation that goes on for minutes*

    PS....for those readers who seek the truth, you just found it in this blog!

  2. In NASCAR everybody hates a continual winner. (Didn't say a whinner now).

    I think Kyle is what keeps fans in the bleachers and in front of the TV to see him get beat or his reaction after a dismal run.

    Not much is said about his fearless driving skills and capacity to make things happen in a race. Perhaps some day.

  3. gene- I always try to speak the truth, even when it hurts! It does tend to get one in trouble sometimes.

    Photo, thanks for stopping by. I hope that all the negative press doesn't take the fire out of the guy.

  4. personally, I wouldn't have minded if Kyle and Mark took each other out given who finished behind them ;)

  5. lol tez. I would expect that from you. As long as Kyle still recovered for 2nd or 3rd, I would be ok with it. I look forward to Marcos winning his first race. He just looks so happy whenever he gets out of the car. I hope he stays that way>

  6. Way to stick up for Rowdy stork! The double standards in the sport just slay me...all I can say is some fans are just blinded in support of "their driver" and its not just Jr Nation.

    BTW - I was waiting for someone to rip on Smoke - turns out he was on the wrong channel the entire time the radio "didnt work". I found that awfully amusing for some reason...probably b/c it is something I would do! He gets a big ole DOH for that one.

  7. Hey my friend, they make them thingy's that go across doorways to keep them little ones from crawling room to room.lol Really nothing in a race worth missing then watching the little one crawling about.,?,?, Oh unless we had a 43 car pile up on the track.lol

    Kyle has done him self proud and if he can stay hot then he is peaking at the right moment to make the chase and start it on a good note. Great rant.

    Oh and by the way you got first round at Frothy's this week.