Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lack of recent Posts

To all my Nascar blogging friends. I have been able to post or comment lately. I am training a guy to replace me, and I start a new job Monday. Hopefully, I will have time to return to blogging soon. In the mean time I have still been reading, so you guys keep up the good work.


  1. Wondered where you were! good luck in the new job and once you get settled we definitely expect you back!!

    Seems like comments of late have tapered off, I think lots of folks are busy or on facebook instead! LOL

  2. Klvalus is right as we are missing a few. I my self am down to one hand typing for a while. Had surgery ( from an old burn that turned into cancer giong down to the muscles) on my arm.

    Should be able to get full use back in a few more weeks.

  3. Life does seem to have gotten pretty here lately for the Old FoxSports bloggers.

    Hopefully it will settle down for us all soon. And we can all get back to doing what we do best! Keeping in touch with good friends.

    Good luck with the new job.

    Photogr hope that you are healing well.

    Kristen, I don't get the facebook or twitter stuff. Guess I am just too old for it. lol

  4. Hey man....hurry and get back on here! I'm holding off the Kyle bashers all by myself when you're not here. lol

    Family and career come before blogging? Okay, I guess.

    Good luck with the new position!

  5. Yeah hurry back,,, and get well soon Photogr.
    Cheers to all.