Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back Just in Time!

Hey Lugnutters!! After a hectic year and a half, that included 3 job changes, I think I am finally going to have time to return to the wonderful world of Nascar blogging. I have settled in at my new job as parts manager for a large collision center, so I now have atleast a couple of hours at day at work ;) to check out the blogs and write and comment.

I have been lurking a little and am glad that most of the bunch still remains. You guys will have to catch me up on the comings and goings.

It looks like the upcoming season might be a really good one. With the slight car change, and the possibility of rules and points changes, I am sure we will all have something to talk about.

I have really missed the blogging and all of you guys and gals. Looking forward to a great year of racing. Maybe I can win the lottery and even get to come to Sonoma this year. LOL!

Rob aka storkjrc


  1. Hey dude, good to see you're still around! The season will be here in no time. I'm looking forward to seeing you around more often.

  2. Hey Rob!

    So glad to hear your job situation has settled and great to have you back! Lurking is fun though eh? =P

  3. gene, yeah i am watching testing on speed on the web right now, i am ready for racing to begin.

    kristen, lurking is fun, but i would rather be commenting.

  4. Hey Rob, glad you're back!! Glad that things have settled down and that you'll have some time with us lugnuts!