Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Thought's From Daytona!

WOW! What a great long weekend this turned out to be! I call it a long weekend, because for me the season started on Thursday with the Duels. These are just my random thoughts on the last four days of racing.

*The Duels- The first taste of real racing. No real surprises here. The two car tandems ruled, and with only 23-24 cars, I really didn't think this was a true barometer of how Sunday's race would be. Turns out I was wrong. For me it foreshadowed the actual outcome of the race. If a car like Brian Keselowski could finish it the top 5 of a Duel race, it meant that almost anyone could win the 500, with the right help at the right time.

*The Truck race- This was the closest to old fashion plate racing that we would see all weekend. Yet still, the two truck tandem even showed up a little here. In the few laps before the big wreck, Kyle Busch finally showed them that the outside line could compete with the low line. The trucks once again proved unstable 3 wide, and of course the big one followed. It did provide an interesting storyline though. With Mikey Waltrip telling the booth he was going to let the outside truck in front of him, then pass him out of turn 4. Good Ol' DW told him he didn't think it was a good idea. Turns out younger brother was right! Turning his prediction into a reality and putting himself in victory lane, for the weekend's sentimental win.

*NNS race- Did I ever mention my loathing for all things Bodine! Back in the day, when there were 3 racing Bodine's, it always seemed their name came up. Well this Speedweeks brought flashbacks for me. Especially the NNS, where Bodine looked out of his element, and caused at least 2 cautions. I felt bad for Elliot Sadler. He got caught up in the big melee. I looked for him to be a contender, but I still think he is the one to beat for the championship.
So Danica let a lap! Big freakin deal. She looked like she still needs some work. It was fine when she was being pushed, but she never looked like she could really push, or trail brake back to a pusher. My opinion for her is either go all in, or go home. This 12 races a year does a dis-service to her, her teams, and fans.
Great finish with Smoke coming from 9th after a flat. Loved his quote in Victory lane. He was asked how he knew he won, since the margin was like .007 seconds. He said " I have been doing this for 20 years, you just know" Never been a Smoke fan, but he can wheel a car!

Cup race- What can I say that has been said already. Not much. Congrats to Trevor and the Wood Bros.

Now on to the rest of the season. The hype is over, and the grind starts this weekend. Hopefully I have some better thought sooner next week. LOL

Thats just my opinion, I could be wrong, but probably not!


  1. Good one stork!

    Stewart was running at or near the front all day in the NW race but that flat seemed like his death knell then there he was pushing for the win... It was definitely some good driving.

    The cheers for Danica are authentic, the rest of her program needs some polish.

  2. Well I was partial to the Duels since Kurt got me in VL but between the truck and cup race there was plenty of excitement out on the track. Seems to me either Waltrip, Bodine or Smoke was responsible for 90% of the wrecks out there this weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing your blogs up more frequently!

  3. I can't believe the cheers for Danica. Though, I have to admit she surprised me a little bit last Saturday.