Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Thought's on the New Changes!

As we all know, last night Nascar announced a few new rule changes for the upcoming season. Will these changes play a major part in this years Champion? Only time will tell, but in my humble opinion they will play at least some role. I think it will make for an exciting year, and I can hardly wait for the wheel to roll in Daytona.

So, lets run down the new changes, and more importantly, How I feel they will effect the new season.

1. Pick-A-Series: This has no impact really on the Cup side. It could have definite impact on the NWS though. At most NW races without a companion Cup race, the big draw is the Cup stars who are running the race. I don't think this change poses a problem this year, Carl Edwards has said he is still planning on running all the races, Mark Martin has signed on to run 5-6 races. I am sure Kyle and Brad will still run quite a few, add in Danica and Travis Pastrana later and I think NW should be ok but only time will tell.

2. Qualifying: Let's be honest. Until they start awarding points for poles, does anyone really care about qualifying other than Daytona. I watch it, if I can, but only because I watch anything with 4 wheels if I have time. Since the advent of the Top 35, the only drama is for the Go or Go Home cars. Although it could make the beginning of some races more exciting, since faster cars go out later, they may be further back in the field.

3.Closed Fuel Delivery System: We will either start seeing 14 sec. stops, or alot of guys running out of fuel faster. Due to running the E-15, Nascar has gone to this closed loop fuel can. Otherwise the ethanol in the fuel, could evaporate, changing the mixture. The new can is heavier, fuels slower, and eliminates the need for a catch can man. Which sucks for me, that was about the only pit crew job I could have ever held. Really though, the catch can guy also made adjustments to the car, which now means that someone else will have to do it, adding to their jobs. Look for the pit stops to be a little erratic the first few races, then I am sure the Pros on pit road will be ok.

4. New nose for the cars: I will have to wait for Vegas and Cali. to see what this really means, Daytona and Phoenix aren't really aero dependent, so I will hold off on this one.

5. Chase Changes: I don't really mind these changes. I always though it was a farce to have a guy with 3 wins or more, not in the Chase. I realize that Nascar points are designed to reward consistency, but I want to see people racing for wins, not top 5's or top 10's.
I hate to agree with Bruton Smith, but I think the overall champion should be cash based. Instead of points, lets use prize money. Not the contingency stuff, just the straight dollars awarded to position. Make sure the winner gets alot more than second, and at the end of the year, see who has the most greenbacks. That would make for some exciting racing, just look and the Shoot-out and All-Star races.

6. Point System: I am all for simpler. See the above for my new system. I will reserve judgement on this till I see how it plays out a little more.

I don't see anything to out of whack. I am still excited to get the racing underway. I wish I could fast forward. I am ready to get the cars out on the track today.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong, but probably not.


  1. Hey Rob -

    I take issue with the qualifying order being set by practice speeds - this will force teams to spend more time in quals setup and less time practicing race set ups (most top 35 teams only do a few qual runs now) which seems to only help Chad and JJ - since they seem to be the only two who can adjust the race car during the race. I am mystified as to why no points awarded for pole winners...esp given they changed the points system finally!

    Otherwise I think the Jamie Mac rule is appropriate for the Chase, less guys over the wall the better for safety and simple points all seem good to me.

  2. The new points system sounds interesting! I am just a casual fan of NASCAR but intend on following it more closely this year. It sounds like there is a strong commitment from the governing body to attract more fans. I hope it works!

  3. Hey storkjrc!

    I'm sorry they didn't place more value on winning... What is this... Some kind of touchy feely thing? They can't truly reward the winner for fear the also-rans will whine? Consistency counts, don't get me wrong, but a larger reward for winning would undoubtedly result in more "up on the wheel" racing, especially as the season enters late summer. A higher win return could put racing to win back on the agenda!

    I like the McMurray rule since it places a higher reward on winning (damn the whinners!). So we'll have 10 cruisers and 2 racers in the Chase? Maybe someone will get hot late in the regular season, qualify for the Chase on wins and then roll up the title on a tsunami-like wave of momentum!

  4. klv- how about a modified F1 type qualifying, teams practice race set-ups, and positions are set by practice speeds. impound the cars after that session, so they have to start the race on the same setup.

    dwindy- i agree with you on the wins. the new chase format is a step in the right direction. With the new points, one improvement would be to reward wins more.